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Air Conditioning Solutions for Commercial Buildings​

The heating and cooling components of commercial Air Conditioning units are typically combined into a rooftop bundle, preventing the noise they produce from interfering with occupants’ ability to do their jobs. Additionally, keeping the Air Conditioning units on the roof allows the company to save space

Important of Air Conditioning For Commercial Buildings

For handling all operations smoothly and provide the best experience of working commercial buildings need air conditioning in these sections

HVAC Solutions for Corporate Office

Corporate office’s working environment needs to be under some conditions for continuous working process. In order to ensure that office equipment operates at its best, an air conditioning system can help to maintain the appropriate temperature in the space.

HVAC Requirements for Multi-Use

Commercial buildings often have spaces for recreation, rest, and gaming zone that require air conditioning to give visitors a comfortable atmosphere.

Air Solutions for LEED Certified Building

HVAC system has a significant impact on any attempt to achieve LEED certification. HVAC focus on building energy use and the release of pollutant. Also, LEED certification emphasizes the air quality of buildings. HVAC fulfills all needs of LEED certification.

Important Aspects

A commercial building is compact with various kinds of air conditioning needs

A corporate office needs air conditioning in different amounts in office sector, office store rooms, restaurants, and canteens. These all sectors demand different amount of air conditioning and also different kinds of air conditioners. HVAC provides all kinds of air conditioners based on need. For restaurants and canteens, fabric air is a smart solution. Storeroom needs a ventilation system besides air conditioning. HVAC includes all these services with proper solutions. HVAC also help these commercial buildings to get leed certification.

Recommended Products​


Midea is world no one air conditioning brand with their own META technology and Doctor m software for control.


LG VRF air conditioning systems offer cost-efficient, flexible, and strong air conditioners with the easiest installation process.


Daikin VRV are energy consumption, and prevent energy waste with the best refrigerant flow.


Dunham Bush is high-efficiency screw chiller with inverter driven compressor and suitable for Green building applications.


Smardt Magnetic Bearing Chiller Technology. 100% oil-free. Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies.


Daikin air cooled chillers offer high quality, effective operation, and cost-effectiveness.

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