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Air Conditioning Solutions for Electrical Control Room (ECR)

The basic function of a control room is to establish a central location where different tasks, communication streams, or operations are monitored. HVAC solutions maintain a comfortable environment for electrical control to keep the work progressing. 

Electrical Control-section

Air Conditioning Solutions for Electrical Control Room

Indicators for emergency response, operational systems, surveillance equipment, measuring tools, and computer systems could all be included, depending on the application. Electronic control rooms generate a lot of waste heat, which must be removed to prevent the room from overheating. Electronic power supply and air-cooled transformers are additional heat sources. Using an air conditioning system to remove any excess heat from them will keep electrical control rooms cool.

Why do we use HVAC systems in Electrical Control Room?

Electrical Control Rooms manage the working process of a factory by some machines, which include heavy electrical operation. HVAC is needed in this room for controlling the operation of overall factory. 

Smoothly Working Condition

Electronic control rooms in factories control all machines in the factory. So, factories need to do the operations of control rooms properly for continuous working process. But control room machines work for long time and get hot easily. Air conditioning solutions keep all machinery equipment working properly.

Energy and Cost Efficient

Electrical control room work is going on 24/7. So, the HVAC installed in control rooms are working for long hours. So, it needs to be energy and cost efficient for the long other operation. Otherwise, the operating and maintenance cost will be high.

Air Solutions Advantages of Electronic Control Room

To deal with these problems, HVAC solutions need in Electronic Control Room besides some advantages.

Recommended Products​


Midea is world no one air conditioning brand with their own META technology and Doctor m software for control.


LG VRF air conditioning systems offer cost-efficient, flexible, and strong air conditioners with the easiest installation process.


KAWASAKI ABSORPTION CHILLER comprises gas-fired and oil-fired absorption chiller-heaters and oil-fired absorption chiller.


Dunham Bush is high-efficiency screw chiller with inverter driven compressor and suitable for Green building applications.


Smardt Magnetic Bearing Chiller Technology. 100% oil-free. Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies.


Daikin VRV are energy consumption, and prevent energy waste with the best refrigerant flow.

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