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Process Cooling Applications HVAC

The simplest definition of process cooling is the elimination of unnecessary heat from a process. In order to guarantee that the process continues in a safe, effective, and trustworthy manner, it is frequently required to remove unnecessary heat.

Important of Process Cooling Applications

Process cooling has several uses in various industries. In truth, there are as many applications as there are specially-made chiller alternatives.  

Plating and Anodizing

Process Cooling Solutions for Plating and Anodizing

High temperatures are necessary for both aluminum anodizing and electrolytic plating. Process cooling is a method used in manufacturing to get rid of extra heat in order to ensure the workers’ and the equipment’s safety. The outcome suffers if the plating bath is not the proper temperature, especially with zinc and chrome plating. Process cooling chillers adjust the bath temperature when plating to produce the best results. 

Process Cooling Solutions for Plastics Industry

Process cooling is necessary in the plastics sector for thermoforming, extrusion, and molding. A big sheet of plastic is heated to a specified temperature during the thermoforming process in order to shape it into the required shape. Extrusion is the process of forcing melted plastic through an extruder to produce long pieces of plastic. Various molds are used during molding to hold the molten plastic in the appropriate shape. For each of these operations, temperature management is essential. Process cooling is useful in this situation. There are some processes, like extrusion, where the process cooler will need further hardware, like a cooling liquid filter or a secondary heat exchanger. 

Plastics Industry
Printing Industry

Process Cooling Solutions for Printing Industry

You will be able to smell the heat produced by printing after spending any amount of time close to a copy machine. For faster production, the printing sector must remove the heat from the printers. Process chillers could be necessary to keep rollers and printers cool while they are in use and to improve productivity. 

Process Cooling Solutions Solutions for Food Industry

Process coolers are capable of maintaining the low temperatures required for cooling materials or creating cool storage environments for products. Also, contamination is an important aspect of the food industry. because raw materials in the food industry became contaminated quickly. Process-cooled chillers easily provide the perfect temperature for raw materials and prevent contamination.

Food Industry Process cooling
Pharmaceutical Process cooling Industry

Process Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Temperatures frequently need to be managed during the production process to ensure proper formulas. After manufacture, some medicines need to be stored at low temperatures. Process coolers can help with these duties and many more in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceuticals also need to keep a close eye on the raw product and final product for contamination. A clean room is an important factor for the pharmaceutical industry. Process cooling applications can fulfill all requirements with lower energy and cost.

Why do we use HVAC systems in Process Cooling Applications?

Process Cooling Applications can cool a total process and products during manufacturing. Process cooling Applications are perfect for large and heavy manufacturing factories. 

Simple Cooling Process

Process cooling applications cool products, processes, and machines efficiently. Cool a complete manufacturing process and heavy machineries like Hydraulic circuits, Gearbox cooling, Welding and laser-cutting machinery.

Ensure safe operation

Process cooling chillers are designed to transfer liquids across the system by circulating heat. Heat exchange with the refrigerant system there cools the process fluid while also lowering the temperature of the machine.

Process Cooling Applications Advantages

To deal with these problems, HVAC solutions need in Process Cooling Applications besides some advantages.

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