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Air Conditioning Solutions for Shopping Mall

In today’s highly competitive retail market, an air-conditioned environment both in the direct shopping areas, as well as malls and communal transition spaces, is essential to ensure comfortable surroundings and a quality shopping experience. Multilevel and larger shopping centers usually use central plant systems like chiller, duct and VRF system.

Important of Air Conditioning For Shopping Mall

Shopping malls businesses are dependent on customer visits. To provide a comfortable place for customers and an enjoyable environment shopping malls need air conditioning in these sections

Air Solutions for Clothing Section

Creating a welcoming environment for customers is the first requirement of a clothing store. Making the environment comfortable is accomplished by VRF, Split or ducted air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning Solutions for Jewellery Section

Jewellery stores need additional interior decoration to draw customers. Because of this, there are powerful lights that generate a lot of heat. Several indoor units provide individualized control to maintain this heat.

HVAC Requirements for Electronics Section

Electronic shops of shopping malls need lower temperatures to operate on it daily basis work. Electronic components need to store at particular temperatures to keep products quality.

HVAC Solutions for Food Court

A food court in a mall is facing difficulty keeping the ideal temperature and proper ventilation in an open area. Customers can enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting thanks to HVAC  solutions.

Air Solutions for Amusement Section

People visit the amusement areas of shopping malls in search of entertainment to break up their routine lives. Air conditioning makes it possible to achieve the goal of creating a comfortable environment, which will not be achieved without it.

Important Aspects

Separate sections in shopping malls demand various amounts of refrigerant based on crowd, shops, and type of places

Gathering in shopping malls is not fixed. It can be changed at any time. Based on the crowd air conditioning requirement is changing and shopping malls need flexible air solutions with the change of crowd. HVAC solutions provide this kind of air conditioning solution which is flexible and easily controlled.

Food courts in shopping malls are normally open spaces. Controlled air solutions in open spaces had been difficult and unthinkable in past decades. HVAC solutions bring the solution to this problem with perfect air conditioning and ventilation systems.


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