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Air Conditioning Solutions for Poultry And Hatchery

Controlled, continuous humidity and temperature levels ensure the ideal conditions for bird flocks. Lower humidity prevents the growth of bacteria and diseases. Air filtration kills microorganisms in the air entering the building before it reaches the chickens.

Important of Air Conditioning For Poultry And Hatchery

Poultry and hatcheries have several parts for producing and growing chicks from eggs. To operate properly, poultry and hatcheries need specific environments in specific sections.


Air Conditioning Solutions for Poultry HVAC

The air conditioning system in industrial poultry and incubators is essential and unavoidable. The owner of the firm could suffer significant losses if you don’t pay attention to temperature, humidity, air movement, and pressure because some of the chickens might die. HVAC solutions can deliver a perfect control environment within:

Air Conditioning Solutions for Hatchery

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems have become an important part of hatchery operations. Single-stage hatcheries highly depend on their HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable environment. The importance of controlling the climate includes controlling the air quality in every space, from egg collecting through chick distribution, in addition to conditioning the air for hatchers. HVAC provide:

Poultry & Hatchery

Hatchery Sections

The level of biosecurity at the hatchery will increase due to a well-designed HVAC system because HVAC systems provide the required environment in every section of Hatchery. Sections in a Hatchery are:

Why do we use HVAC systems in Poultry and Hatchery Sections?

Poultry and Hatchery industry is connected with the production and breeding of chicken. In the processing of hatchery, air conditioning is required to fulfill some requirements.

Prevent Diseases Rate

A relative environment decreases the growth rate of bacteria and the disease rate. Especially, lower humidity controlled the environment free from bacteria which is provided by HVAC dehumidifier.

Incubators Requirements

Incubators section the embryos inside the egg turn into chickens and gradually get ready to hatch out of the shell. This incubator section gradually temperature, air circulation and humidity increased. HVAC controls this situation.

Air Solutions Advantages of Poultry And Hatchery

To deal with these problems, HVAC solutions need in Poultry And Hatchery besides some advantages.

Recommended Products​


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KAWASAKI ABSORPTION CHILLER comprises gas-fired and oil-fired absorption chiller-heaters and oil-fired absorption chiller.


Dunham Bush is high-efficiency screw chiller with inverter driven compressor and suitable for Green building applications.


Smardt Magnetic Bearing Chiller Technology. 100% oil-free. Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies.


Daikin VRV are energy consumption, and prevent energy waste with the best refrigerant flow.

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