Air Conditioning Need in Poultry and Hatchery

What is the importance of ventilation system in industrial hatcheries and poultry?

One of the necessary and inseparable systems of industrial poultry and incubators is their air conditioning system. If you do not pay attention to temperature, humidity, air circulation and pressure, the business owner may face significant losses because part of the poultry will be lost and lost or will no longer have the previous function.

How do air conditioners work in poultry farms?

General ventilation of hatchery and poultry halls

In poultry farms, setter and hatcher machines are installed in multiple ways. The setter machine holds the eggs inside and automatically rotates them every hour for 18 days and then transfers them to the hatchery machine. In the hatchery section of the incubator, air circulation, temperature and humidity increase. In the hatchery section of the incubator, temperature, humidity and air circulation are all that should be considered. In this part, the embryos inside the egg turn into chickens and gradually prepare to break the egg and come out of it. 

But to improve the performance of the incubator, it is necessary that the temperature difference between the room in which the devices are located and the air inside the devices themselves is very small. To simulate these two temperatures in terms of temperature and humidity, several air conditioners are used to bring fresh air into the hall. In addition to the air conditioner, boilers and chillers are also used to ventilate incubators and halls to provide cooling and heating for the public hall.

Poultry ventilation of each section separately

Each incubator is connected to air outlets. Each incubator has its own fresh inlet air and uses it, and this is the responsibility of the inlet valves. The outlet valves, which are connected to the outlet ducts, transfer the air consumed inside the incubator to the outside. For each incubator, cold water coils, hot water coils and dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans are installed independently. All of these air conditioners work together to ensure that each incubator separately has a constant temperature, humidity and temperature cycle. To control these, there is a separate screen for each incubator that can be adjusted manually or automatically by the operator.

What air conditioning systems are used for industrial incubation and poultry farming?

Inside a poultry house and incubators, the following are used to complete the air conditioning system:

  • air conditioner
  • The combination of air conditioner and chiller, which takes the name of the unit package
  • Hot and cold water coils
  • Boiler
  • Chiller

And in some cases, to increase the efficiency of incubation, chillers and air conditioners with energy recovery capability are used. The latter means that the energy wasted in the form of heat generated is used again to meet the needs of incubators or public hall ventilation. Another name for this system is Heat Recovery, which incorporates a heat exchanger. This unwanted excess heat is converted into fresh air entering the devices and placed under the coil and air conditioner to be used again by incubators.

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